All Are Welcome
Join us in worship every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

We joyfully welcome all people. regardless of age, gender, race, ability or sexual orientation into our spiritual community, and affirm the worth of all people as unique individuals loved by God.

Christ's Church

Christ's Church Saxtons River, Vermont Located at 24 Main Street in the center of Saxtons River across from the Village Market.


    The following officers were elected for the coming year:

      • President – Barbara Bye
      • Vice President - Jane Cook
      • Secretary- Beth Smallheer
      • Treasurer – Donna Anderson
      • Directors – Mary Jane Bosworth
      • Wanda Salter (802-869-2582)
      • Member - Roberta Geist

        More members of Micah Circle are needed to help run the church and volunteers would be welcome. 
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Christ’s Church will be having its Annual Christmas Eve Service.  The Service will begin in the sanctuary with music by the Saxtons River Bell Ringers Choir at 6:30 - with the regular service beginning at 7:00 p.m.  This special service celebrating the Christ’s child’s birth will be led by Rev. Ivy Merrill and will include scripture readings from Luke and Matthew along with music provided by the Senior Choir.  Rev. Ivy’s meditation is entitled “The Coming of God.”  The Rhythmic Choir will close the service with worship in candles which will include lighting the candles of each member of the congregation to take out into the night.  Families are most welcome and we hope you and any visiting family and friends will be able to join us.

         Though Christ’s Church will not have a “formal” Worship Service on Christmas day, our organist, Jane Cook, will be in the Sanctuary from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. playing Christmas music and Rev. Ivy is providing some printed meditative thoughts and self-guided prayers.  People are invited to come for the hour…or for however long they are able.   We give gracious thanks to Jane …and our appreciation to Rev. Merrill for providing this opportunity to celebrate in this special way on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas!

In the Spirit,


Soup Season is Here!  Blue Door Community Soup Suppers begin again on Wednesday, October 5th, continuing each Wednesday through the end of April.  Suppers are every Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 pm in the basement of Saxtons River Community Building.  Park behind the church building (River Street), and enter through the blue (back) door.  Three soups and bread are provided each week.  Vegetarian and gluten-free soups are

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Organizations and Activities

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    Women's Fellowship

    Executive Board
    Carol Perley, Member-at-Large  (802-869-2020),
    Roberta Geist, Secretary
    Mary Jane Bosworth, Treasurer