All Are Welcome
Join us in worship every Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

We joyfully welcome all people. regardless of age, gender, race, ability or sexual orientation into our spiritual community, and affirm the worth of all people as unique individuals loved by God.

Christ's Church

Christ's Church Saxtons River, Vermont Located at 24 Main Street in the center of Saxtons River across from the Village Market.


    The following officers were elected for the coming year:

      • chairman – Barbara Bye
      • vice chairman – Elaine Bowen
      • clerk- Beth Smallheer
      • treasurer – Donna Anderson
      • directors – Wanda Salter and Mary Jane Bosworth
      • members Roberta Geist and Jane Cook

        More members of Micah Circle are needed to help run the church and volunteers would be welcome. 
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Updated August 22, 2015   

This Sunday, August 23, Rev. Ivy Merrill will lead the service and the title of her sermon is "Now There's a Fashion Statement!" based on Ephesians 6: 10-20.  The service will be followed by a potluck lunch and a gathering of the congregation for an exchange of ideas and information.  Our guest for the lunch will be Susan Still who has been guiding us though the process of re-purposing our church building and forming a new group to take care of the building and maintain it as a community center.  Please come, even if you can't bring something to share; we always have plenty of food and the conversation is great!  Jane (filling in for Roberta!)

The Church Welcomes Reverend Ivy Merrill from Keene, NH as the Settled Pastor

Ivy MerrillOrdained by the American Baptist Churches,USA in 1982, Pastor Ivy has worked herself out of a parish job 16 times, as an Intentional Interim Pastor. Ivy grew up in dairy farm country in upstate NY, and served 6 churches in her home state, before moving to MA in 1989 and then NH in 2000. She has served churches affiliated with 3 different denominations, has preached in many others, and until recently served as on-call weekend chaplain at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene.

Her philosophy of ministry is, "anything can be ministry; it's not about titles, it's about attitude....what you bring to it, how you approach the work and the people. Being in ministry with Christ's Church is the perfect fit. The members are capable organizers, administrators, hands-on workers! They asked me to nurture them spiritually and care for their pastoral needs in times of change or crisis. Thankfully, I love to do those things, and God has gifted me for such work, and provided plenty of opportunities to hone my skills over the years."

Ivy is a mom to 2 twenty-something daughters, a pastor's wife to a Baptist minister in Keene, a published author, and a former clown. She is in Saxtons River every Wednesday, usually 10:30 to 2:30, where she can be reached at the church office 869-2340. Other times you can reach her at home, 603-352-8351 or by email at She leads worship every 2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays of the month. Guest preachers and lay leadership provide creative worship experiences the other Sundays. Pastor Ivy looks forward to being a familiar presence to the people of the Saxtons River community, and welcomes you to stop in & say hello.



What’s Happening? The Church Welcomes Reverend Ivy Merrill from Keene, Nh as the Settled Pastor


    Busy summers, busy schedules.  Thus I am taking this moment for a look ahead for the last of our summer Worship Services.

    On August 16 and 23(Also Congregational Potluck Luncheon), Rev. Ivy will be leading our Worship Service. 

    On August 16th, Rev. Ivy’s meditation is entitled “Wit or Wisdom?”  The Holy Scripture readings are from I Kings 3:3-13 and Ephesians 5:15-20.  Of course, coffee and conversation follow the Worship Service which begins at 10:00 a.m. 

    On August 30th, Rachelle Eaton will make a return visit.  We will want to wish Rachelle Godspeed as she continues on to the next segment of her journey to becoming a minister.

    On September 6TH  there will be “House Church” at the home of Donna Anderson – Oak Street, Saxtons River.  And finally, please note that Communion will be celebrated at our September 13th Worship Service. 

    The Micah Circle had a long and productive meeting Sunday.  There are some things to share from that meeting.  Rev. Ivy will be writing our newsletter – “The Flame” for the months of September, October and November.  Please note she has a firmdeadline of the 25th of each month to have any information that is to be presented and all information is to be “copy ready.”  You may call or e-mail her information. 

    Ivy has is also presenting a book study.  The plan is to choose a book.  The cost of the book will be $8.95 to be paid by the participant.  Once a book has been chosen there will be about a 10-15 minute meeting after the Church Service and before the Potluck Luncheon on September 27th for participants to receive their copies.  There will be a mid-way gathering on Sunday, October 25th after the service to discuss the book - and a final meeting to complete the discussion will take place sometime in November.  The number of meetings is minimal and that should be a helpful given everyone’s busy schedules.  This is a wonderful opportunity to nurture and grow in the faith as ideas are discussed and shared.  Many in the past have hoped to have such an opportunity and this is it!  So take a moment to read the 2 book descriptions attached…  Those interested should let Ivy know by September 1st so she can order the books. 

    Book Selection Choices

    • Summary of 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed – by Scot McKnight
      • “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.  And…love your neighbor as yourself.”  McKnight has come to call this teaching of Jesus, the Jesus Creed.  In the 40 short chapters, McKnight explores how “the New Testament offers daily reminders, daily feedings, of what is most important-learning to put into practice what it means to love God and love others.”.
    • Summary of Life with God-Reading the Bible for Spiritual Transformation

    by- Richard J. Foster

      • “Too often our study of the Bible focuses on searching for specific information…that will solve our pressing needs of the moment.  But what if we approached the bible differently, an instead of transforming the text to meet our needs, allowed it to transform us?...reading the Bible for interior transformation is far different from reading it for historical knowledge, literary appreciation or religious instruction.”


    In the Spirit,


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