September 26, 2017   




“To Do” List for

Hosting a Blue Door Community Supper

A week or so in advance...

Print a “hard copy” of this list so that you can check off items as you proceed.  

Each host is asked to provide one soup (6-7 qts will fill a large Crock Pot).  Normally Wanda Salter will let you know who else is making soup for your evening so that you can communicate with them about what kinds of soup they would like to make.  If you haven't received this information by one week before the supper, please contact Wanda (869-2582 or   Ask each soup maker to make 6-7 qts of soup.  Plan to have at least one vegetarian and one gluten-free soup (could be one and the same).  Soups should be delivered to the church kitchen on the day of the supper, transferred to the church's Crock Pots, and left on warm/low heat so they are hot at 5:30.  The church's back entrance off River Street (Blue Door) is open from 7:30 a.m..   

Bread, butter, decaf, and cream/milk are provided by Christ's Church.


If needed, find someone to help you with any or all of the following:  

Set up

Clean-up after

Deliver leftovers to Our Place the morning after

Launder tablecloths, towels, etc. and return to church kitchen

On the day of the Supper...

Note: Table cloths, dishes, silverware, paper goods, etc. for Blue Door Suppers are located on the shelf to the left when you enter the Blue Door.  Just about everything you need is behind the blue curtain.  

Arrive by 4:15 p.m.

Check soups to be sure they'll be hot at 5:30; adjust settings as needed.

Fold down the left window shelf (facing the kitchen from the dining room) for bread.

Place cart for beverages to the right of the bread shelf (in front of wall outlet).  

Fold down the right window shelf.  Set up table for soup next to the right window shelf.  CAUTION: the right window shelf is not strong enough to support Crock Pots of soup.  

Make sure you have 4 tables with 8 chairs at each table.

Make1 pot decaf in a 12-cup coffee maker.  Decaf/filters are on bottom shelf of cart.

Set up the left, fold-down shelf for bread as follows:  

Baskets of bread (go ahead and slice two loaves ahead of time)

Use a cloth napkin or two to cover bread.

2 plates with butter, each with butter knife

20+ small plates for bread and butter

Save bread bags for leftover bread.

Place the donations bear container, laminated sign telling where donations will go, soup sign-up book, and a pen on the little table near the entrance so people will see them as they enter.  

Set up the soup table (in front of the big racks holding tables) with the following:


Crock Pots with soup

Small plate (to serve as spoon rest) and ladle in front of each pot

30 soup spoons (stored in two small white pitchers on Blue Door shelf, handles up)

30 soup bowls-  mostly larger sizes, a few smaller bowls for those who like to “sample”

Mini white board sign with name of each soup- indicate if gluten-free and/or vegetarian.

6 cardboard soup “to go” containers and lids (located under counter below blue curtain)

Set up the drink cart as follows:  

Put out the coffee maker with decaf (next to the trays of mugs)  

1 pitcher with half and half (or whole milk)

Sugar bowls: 1 with sugar, 1 with artificial sweetener

3 teaspoons for stirring (rest on small plate)

Set up tables as follows:  

Fabric tablecloth on each table.

Stack of paper napkins in center of each table

Water pitcher with ice in center of each table

8-10 glasses next to water pitcher

People usually begin to arrive around 5:15.   Please ask people to wait until 5:30 before beginning to serve themselves and eat.

Prop open both kitchen doors, and place the empty dish cart next to the trash container in front of the left door (as you face the kitchen).

We are offering soup to go this year.  Ask what kind of soup is preferred and for how many.  Use the cardboard containers with lids.  As a rule of thumb, one container is one serving.  Bring the soup to the back entrance so that the person does not necessarily need to come into the dining room.  

At 6:30 p.m.:  

Clear tables.  (Clean tablecloths may be left on tables.)

Wash and put away all dishes.  Be sure to return items to shelf behind blue curtain.  

Wipe down counters, fold-down shelves, beverage cart, stove top, Crock Pots, any spills in refrigerator.  

Transfer leftover soup to plastic containers (under blue curtain counter). Label with date/type of soup.     

Put leftover bread in (original) plastic bags.

Refill ice cube trays for next week's supper.

Bring (dirty) tablecloths, cloth napkin(s), dish cloths, and towels home to launder and return for use at next week's supper.  (The front door of the church is open 7:30-5 weekdays.)  

Put donations in envelope.  Mark with date, amount, and your name.  Place envelope in the metal box located on the counter in the corner behind the upright freezer.  

Before you leave, lock the blue door; replace key on hook behind the blue curtain (left side).   Be careful not to get locked out by accident.  

Turn out kitchen and dining room lights.  

Double check to be sure door is locked when you leave.  

On the day after the Supper...

Bring leftover soup/bread to Our Place on Thursday morning, preferably between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.

During the week after the supper...

Launder and return tablecloths, dish towels, etc. to church kitchen.  

Thank you for hosting a Blue Door Community Supper.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated!