Christ's Church During our worship services, folks usually park on Main Street. We have two spaces immediately in front of the church that are reserved for folks with special needs. For events that take place in the dining room, there's a parking lot behind the church accessible from River Street.
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Who will be there?
Our congregation is a small one, and is an interesting collection of ages and backgrounds. We have a few young families, a number of seniors, and some folks who fall squarely in the middle! Some of us come from very traditional "churched" backgrounds and others are new to the church thing. Some of us dress up in our Sunday best, but more of us come as we are, more or less, on Sunday morning. ALL are welcomed and made to feel at home. back to top

When you enter the front door of the church, you will have the option of going up a short flight of stairs to the sanctuary (straight ahead) or using our elevator (to your right as you enter). For wheelchair access to the fellowship room, you'll need to use the elevator to the bottom floor and follow the hall towards the back of the building. For events in the basement dining room, park near the back door. back to top

When you arrive at church, you'll be greeted by an usher who will say, "Good morning" and will hand you a worship bulletin. You may sit in any pew you like; you will notice, however, that the pews in the back are cordoned off in an attempt to encourage us all to sit close together. We find that when we're closer to one another, our worship is more spirited and our singing is stronger. If you need help finding a seat, certainly the greeter will be happy to help you! back to top

Every Sunday service features a children's sermon early on in the hour. At that point, the children come forward and join the minister in the front of the sanctuary for a story or song or conversation. back to top

Christ's Church At Christ's Church, we value a wide range of musical styles. Most worship services include hymns from the more traditional Pilgrim Hymnal ("the red book") and the newer New Century Hymnal ("the black book") in order to strike a balance. We usually hear organ music and often piano, too. The choir sings with the congregation (accompanied by Music Director Jane Cook) and offers special music, too. Several times a year, we're privileged to be joined by the handbell choir under the direction of Mary Jane Bosworth. back to top

Preparing for Worship:
In theory, it would be great if we could all begin worship with some quiet contemplative time, preparing our hearts for what we hope will be a significant and deep experience. However, the fact is we tend to be a chatty bunch. We like each other and have much to share. So you'll find that folks do tend to greet one another warmly before church. If you'd prefer to sit in silence, you are welcome to do so, and who knows, maybe it will rub off on the rest of us! back to top

The Offering:
Each time we worship, we show our gratitude to God through the collection of the offering. The usher of the day passes the plate, and folks put in either their pledged offering or whatever loose cash they have in their wallets. Visitors are certainly encouraged to contribute to the offering, but should know that they are welcome even if they don't come prepared for that! The offerings we collect are used in a variety of ways: we not only support the physical manifestations of the church, but also our mission outreaches. Through our giving, we are able to help support the needs of local people, strengthen the wider church, and further engage in the ministry of caring that we're led to by Jesus Christ. If you would like to see about making an ongoing pledge to the church, please call the church, and you will be contacted by our Stewardship Coordinator. back to top

Holy Communion logistics:
At Christ's Church, we celebrate at an open table. This means that all who wish to are welcome to receive holy communion with the congregation. There are no tests of faith or questions about church involvement to be "passed". We remember Jesus' life, death and resurrection as a gift to us all, and do not exclude anyone who wishes to participate.

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Most Sundays, after the pastor says the words of institution, she welcomes everyone to come forward, where we receive communion "by intinction." This means that we come forward in a single file line. Once up front, we are given a bite-sized piece of blessed bread and we dip it into one of two chalices: the one with white grape juice or the one with red wine. Once we have received communion, we file back to our seats. There are some among us who don't choose to receive communion for one reason or another; if you are one of those, you are invited to sit meditatively and wait. There is no need to explain your decision to anyone and no judgment of those who do or do not receive holy communion. back to top

Meet our Pastor:
You'll have a brief moment to greet our guest pastor, at the end of the service. If you're new to the congregation, be sure to introduce yourself. back to top

Fellowship time:
Most Sundays, we have a coffee hour following worship, either in the back of the sanctuary. This usually consists of coffee, juice, and light refreshments. On the 3rd Sunday of each month we have a congregational meeting and potluck luncheon. We use this time to catch up with one another and to discuss any decisions that need to be made as a congregation. Bring a putluck offering if you're able, but there always seems to be enough to go around, so come whether you've brought food or not! back to top

Rest Rooms:
Rest rooms are located in the middle level of the building, across from the small kitchenette. back to top