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"And what does the lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God (Micah 6:8)."

Roger DalyROGER (C. B.) DALY

In the event of an emergency or pastoral need, you may phone Pastor Roger Daly at his home in Chesterfield, NH.

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Dear Friends,  
Grace and Peace and Hope to you in this Near-Spring-Time!
Three months ago, the early morning frost on my car would have been a sign of colder weather to come.  Earlier this week, I saw the frost and heard the birds at the same time.  In spite of the bemoaned and enduring winter weather, I hope that you can, at this time, chuckle and think: “Spring’s coming!” 
We know that under the surface of the muddy ground everywhere, things are moving.  Beneath the cold grass the earth is teeming with vitality. Roots are bringing nourishment to branches, and soon, soon -- we’ll see! “Spring’s here!”   But it isn’t yet.  And so, what we have for hope today is the record of our past -- that spring comes, and we have evidence in the birds, the buds, the air. “Spring’s coming!”
Life is persistent.  Life keeps asserting itself.  Regardless of how short the day, how cold the air, or how dead the branches may appear, life moves constantly just below the surface.  Spring’s return will, once again, be a loud proclamation of that truth.
Easter is a lot like this.  On Easter Day, we affirm our belief in God’s gift of a persistent love that is stronger than death.  This life is always there in spite of what feels to be a surface hardened as with bitterness, frosted as with fears, cluttered with greed and dense with doubts.  We celebrate Easter as the persistence of a good and enduring life through anything that hides it or appears to take it away.  Many of us have recently experienced the death of close friends, and we have felt the frost and the hardness of things.  In Easter we celebrate the truth that life for us does not end.  There is another reality just below the surface of things. It is teeming with vitality and will come forth beautifully! 
Yes.   YES!    Hallelujah!   The stone is rolled away.  Life is new Again and free – oh so free!  The life which is God’s gift persists.  It does not end.  You have a future.  A holy one. Praise God.  So, friend, please join us for the worship and fellowship of Holy Week, and we’ll walk together toward the cross and through it to that time of shouting, “He is risen! Can you believe it?  He is risen!”
With affection and anticipation of the Joy of Easter,